Terms-and-Conditions as Seller

It’s important that you clearly specify the terms and conditions of the sale in your listing so that buyers know what to expect.

You’re required to include the following details in your listing:

  • Forms of payment you accept (must accept Visa, American Express and Mastercard)
  • Return policy:  eBidify requires you allow returns for 3 days from when the buyer receives the item.
  • Shipping: Sellers are responsible to cover the cost of their own shipping
  • Taxes and any applicable government-imposed fees. Sellers are required to pay their own sales tax and will receive w-9 forms
  • Ensure the safe delivery of the item within the timeframe stated in your listing. eBidify requires all sellers have sold items in the mail within 2 business days.
  • Items you list must be in your inventory
  • All listed items must include at least one photo and you are required to accurately list items with a category and subcategory the best reflects each item.  eBidify has a right to remove any listing that has an inaccurate category and subcategory.


Providing tracking details for items you’ve sold is an industry standard and something that your buyers expect. Tracking data lets buyers know where their item is throughout the shipping process, and can be critical in cases where the buyer claims they didn’t receive an item.

Selling practices policy overview

  • Return policy is standardized at 3 days
  • Responding to buyers’ questions promptly
  • Being professional throughout the transaction
  • Making sure the item is delivered to the buyer as described in your listing
  • Frequently reviewing and updating listings to make sure all information – such as inventory status and item condition – is accurate and up to date

Having an inaccurate item location can cause confusion and lead to a poor experience for your buyer.  You are currently not required to provide a physical address but this policy is subject to change.  We do encourage you to provide an accurate city and state your shipping from.  Being upfront and honest about these terms helps build trust and provides a positive buying experience for your customers.

The listing page is where buyers get most of their information about an item. Information in the listing helps buyers decide what to buy and know what to expect when they receive the item. It’s important to make sure that the listing is only used to describe the item for sale and to communicate the terms of the sale in a professional way.

  • Specify the condition of the item
  • Describe any defects or flaws in the item – this helps avoid problems or buyer dissatisfaction
  • When selling a used, refurbished, or flawed item, you must include photos of the actual item for sale instead of a stock photo.


Do whatever you can to provide excellent customer service. Meeting or exceeding buyers’ expectations can help you improve your performance on eBidify.

  • Respond promptly to any questions during the bidding or buying process, as well as after the item has been purchased
  • Communicate professionally, including emails
  • Be responsive to any buyer concerns or problems
  • You’re not allowed to use profane or offensive language with anyone on eBidify
  • You’re not allowed to send anyone on eBidify inappropriate images including nudity, profanity or other general content not related to an eBidify listing
  • If a transaction is cancelled by you or the buyer you will not incur the 5% free from eBidify or you will be reimbursed.
  • If a transaction is a local pick up you will not incur the 5% fee from eBidify or you will be reimbursed.
  • Sellers are not reimbursed for the 5% transaction frees on returns

Each seller agrees that they are responsible for their own taxes as eBidify is not liable for seller taxes.  eBidify also reserves the right to change any marketplace rules regulations or policies for the collective good of all buyers and sellers on the platform.  eBidify is not liable changing the marketplace guidelines impacts the seller revenue as eBidify does not discourage external linking and external marketplace or social media communication between buyers and sellers.  Sellers should treat eBidify as one of the outlets they use to sell products on.

tax map 2020
tax map 2020


Terms and Conditions as a Buyer

-Buyers understand they placed the winning bid the payment method they registered with is charged and the seller must ship the item.  If a buyer does not average 50% purchase to return ratio over a 10 item sample size they are subject to having their account banned.
-Buyers understand they are responsible for the cost of shipping on all returns.
-Buyers may not place a bid on a product without a valid payment option registered even if the item is cash on delivery.