Citi Flex Loan – An Alternate Type of Consumer Loan. The Citi Flex Loan is the latest product supplying from monetary providers huge Citibank. Citibank could be the last prominent lender in america with more than $1.3 billion in possessions.

The Citi Flex mortgage is actually a forward thinking product that can be acquired to current Citibank customers just who have an active Citi credit card account. Citi Flex allows competent customers need a percentage of their credit card restriction and transform it into your own mortgage with a fixed APR which repaid in a specified amount of several months. You can determine your own personal repayment timeline, together with the maximum payment phrase 60 months. Longer term financing have larger rates.

No Program Necessary

The Citi Flex mortgage process is quick and simple. Possible see funds placed into your bank account within one to two days. You don’t need to upload a proper application and Citi does not check your credit. You are doing want an existing Citi Card profile in good waiting.

Citi inspected their credit and needed a loan application once you exposed the Citi credit account that you use for your Citi Flex financing, so that they don’t want it once more. Citi doesn’t cost an origination fee as soon as you inquire a Citi Flex mortgage.

The reason why Take a Citi Flex Mortgage?

Citi emphasizes several common ways to use a Citi Flex loan, including:

These costs could possibly be covered making use of their charge card, so just why take-out a Citi Flex financing? The primary reason is the fact that the Citi Flex mortgage money are going to have a diminished interest rate than their charge card interest. The rate isn’t only cut, but it’s a set rate, unlike the bank card scales. The payment per month normally fixed and is obvious that in the event that you generate a collection range repayments your Citi Flex balances are going to be paid.

Citi allows you to choose a repayment plan which works for you, though you will find the very least they expected. Citi will show different alternatives, generating clear exactly what your month-to-month Citi Flex payment can be. In addition they explain that any balance you have on the bank card could have a unique lowest fees obligation.

Citi Flex Cover

An interesting Citi Flex ability is you can push qualified purchases after you have produced them, shifting all of them from the regular CitiCard profile to Citi Flex. This is certainly called the Citi Flex wages plan.Purchases produced during your recent or earlier billing pattern which are higher than $100 may be incorporated into their Citi Flex strategy. Acquisitions which are qualified to receive getting into Citi Flex include obviously designated in your web or Ciit application membership access.

Citi Flex belongs to Your Citi Membership

Their Citi Flex financing falls under your own active Citi Card membership. How much cash you’ll borrow is founded on their borrowing limit on your existing Citi Card accounts. Citi additionally decides their qualifications together with levels you’ll be able to borrow predicated on your “creditworthiness and other issue.” Citi doesn’t identify precisely what that implies nevertheless they get access to their cost history to their profile, in order for clearly is but one factor.

The Citi Flex deal and details will be on the same report while you charge card. There clearly was one month-to-month minimum repayment required that covers both CitiCard and Citi Flex balances. The statement helps make obvious just how much you owe per, nevertheless making just one payment per month.

Important Citi Flex Info

Before you take advantageous asset of a the Citi Flex option right here some essential facts.

Minimal you can easily borrow secured on a Citi Flex loan was $500.

CIti Flex Pay enables you to move elligble purhcases over $100 to a set price payment.

No costs were energized for buying to use Citi Flex, though belated installment fees alongside penalties can put on unless you build your cost as agreed.

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